Asher was a partner at the law firm of Donahue, Mesereau & Leids specializing in venture capital, securities & merger & acquisition transactions, where he worked on, among other things, one of the first ecommerce IPOs for a company called and represented that was started by a number of college students (one of whom was Travis Kalanick) in negotiating its funding by Ron Burkle and Mike Ovitz.

After being forced to retire due to injuries suffered from being rear-ended by a drunk driver at over 70 MPH, this eventually led him to angel investing where one focus is to look for new companies and technologies that can help with spinal and nerve injuries and pain management. Asher generally invests in healthcare and technology companies that have some socially responsible aspect in the mission statement. Him and his wife have over 30 investments in startup companies which include the following: Thrive Market,, Empyr (formerly,, Connected Signals, JaanuuSmartCSM, Contraline, Cafe X, Kush, BeeRoll, Blokable, Density, Court Buddy and HyperLoop One.