Below you will find the various startup competitions that we hosted at LAUNCH Festival Sydney 2018.

Startup competition 2018

five startup Competitions

1. Live Equity Crowdfunding with Republic (more info *Deadline May 31st*

2. Best of Frontier Tech - APPLY

3. Best of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency - APPLY

4. Best of Year One* - APPLY
(*startups with a product in market < 12 months)

5. 20 Free Startup Ideas - APPLY

Deadline: June 11th

Winner of the overall competition will be accepted into our LAUNCH Accelerator in San Francisco

-- and receive a $100,000 investment!

Competition FAQ


What is Frontier Technology?

Technology that is not mainstream yet. For example, drones, robotics, new food tech (think "Impossible Burger"), etc. 


Can I apply to multiple competitions?

Yes. For example, you can apply to the Republic competition AND Frontier Tech competition.


Can any startup apply for Republic Crowdfunding?

All startups can request more information with Republic. Republic will then reach out to you if they see a fit. Note, if you do not have a US-subsidiary, they will set one up for you, in order to crowdfund on their platform.


Does the winner of each category receive $100,000?

No, there will only be one overall winner between the first (4) competitions.


What is the prize for the "startup ideas" competition?

We will invest a separate $25,000 to the winning idea of this competition.


Can existing companies/projects apply for the "startup ideas" competition?

No, this competition is only for ideas that have not been executed yet. Think of a problem, and offer your solution to that problem. Apply here

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