Frequently Asked Questions


LAUNCH Festival


1. Who is this event for?

  • LAUNCH Festival Sydney is for Entrepreneurs/Founders, Investors, and anyone who wants to learn more about the startup/tech industry. We will have content ranging from how to build, scale, and launch startups. We also have a separate session for those interested in Angel Investing (Angel University - May 18th - PAID Ticket holders only). We're fortunate to have an all-star line up of Silicon Valley & local Australian Entrepreneurs & Investors who have been through it all. Check out our agenda & speakers page for more information.


2. How many startups/founders will be attending this event?

  • There were over 1000 startups & founders registered to attend LAUNCH Festival Sydney 2018.


3. Why Sydney?

  • Over the past 10 years, we've hosted LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco, with an annual turnout of 15,000 attendees (Entrepreneurs, Investors, Corporates, Enthusiasts). But this year (2018), we decided to take LAUNCH Festival International, and we couldn't be happier than to host it in Sydney. We chose Sydney because of the rapid-growing startup ecosystem and innovation taking place in the city.



  • On June 17th (day before Festival) we will be hosting an Angel University class at SMC. Angel University is a 4-hour course for those interested in investing in early-stage startups, as well as professional angel investors. The content will include: sourcing deals, evaluating startups, negotiating deals, portfolio and bankroll management, and post-deal efforts.

  • Angel University is only available to paid ticket holders.

Startup Competitions


1. What is Frontier Technology?

  • Technology that is not mainstream yet. For example, drones, robotics, new food tech (think "Impossible Burger"), etc.

2. Does the winner of each category receive $100,000?

  • No, there will only be one overall winner between the first (4) competitions.


3. What is the prize for the "startup ideas" competition?

  • We will invest a separate $25,000 to the winning idea of this competition.


International visitors


1. I'm not from Australia, do I need a VISA to attend the conference?

  • Yes, generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter Australia must first obtain a VISA. Visit our "International Visitors" page to see which VISA you will need.