Hayel Smair

Founder & CEO, RoboHelix and HelixNinja

Hayel Smair founded RoboHelix in late 2015 with a vision to create a born global company that will transform the industrial manufacturing sector.

Hayel invented the world first (8 axis) robotic flight forming machine, this patented technology has disrupted the flight forming sector allowing RoboHelix to accomplish massive milestones. RoboHelix started from a garage in the Sydney suburbs and now exports globally, including the world robotic capital of Germany as well as being the sole technology forming provider of a multi-national corporation, all in the space of 2 years. RoboHelix is rapidly growing and Hayel is also looking to add more innovative robotic machines into this industry.

He also founded HelixNinja, a cloud-based software that utilises unique mathematical algorithms that integrate with robotic hardware systems to form a comprehensive solution.

Hayel has a background in Mechatronics Engineering with an extensive experience in inventions and design of breakthrough innovative products and machines. His talent and passion for design and inventions was used to develop many patented products.

Hayel’s great joy and delight is spending time with his wife and beautiful baby twin girls.


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